Usui/Holy Fire Reiki, Level 2 Training - TBD

Reiki level 2 takes your practice of Reiki and exponentially empowers it! You will be taught to work with three sacred Reiki symbols that super-charge Reiki energies in unique ways.  You will be attuned to a symbol that intensifies, and protects.  A second symbol works directly with mental and emotional healing opportunities.  The 3rd symbol gifts the practitioner with the ability to send Reiki healing across all distances; whether geographic, time, or even dimensional. 

Reiki, level 2 deepens your knowledge of Reiki and how to use it. This is an extraordinarily powerful class. I have always said, if the student goes no further, at least take your Reiki, level 2.

Prerequisite:   Reiki, Level 1

All payments must be received a day before class!

All classes include ongoing student support and access to Practitioner gatherings.