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Black Tourmaline and Emerald Pendulum

Black Tourmaline is one of the most coveted stones for protection & cleansing. It soaks up, repels, and banishes negative energy. Black tourmaline provides purification and cleansing of the emotional body. It is associated with the Root Chakra, providing balance, security, and grounding in your life.

Emerald brings prosperity and abundance into your life by strengthening you to follow your dreams while providing logic and willpower.  It encourages us to trust that the Universe is always providing and helps us define our own experience of success.

Emerald is also a stone of love, compassion, and healing. It opens and nurtures the heart chakra making it a powerful healer that can heal a wounded heart in addition to physical cardiac ailments. It was also dedicated in the ancient world to the goddess Venus for its ability to insure security in love.

8" long, Black Tourmaline and Emerald stone 1.50", Weight: 0.5oz 

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