Indonesian Plume Agate Pendant

If you want to become a pragmatic thinker, wearing an Agate will help. As a healing stone, it is believed that Agate helps the wearer understand reality. You will also value peace and harmony more dearly thanks to the stone.

Plume Agate is specifically known to help in making important decisions in life. As a powerful stone, Agate is also known to help accept one’s own truth and build self-confidence. It also encourages a wearer to speak the truth. The stone helps one steer away from negativity and ill will. It fosters positivity, love, and courage. 

Plume Agate is believed to be linked to the collective consciousness of the higher authority of divinity. This particular variety of Agate helps the wearer understand his or her life experiences and links them to his personal spiritual growth and stability. Plume Agate also facilitates psychic visions helping one understand everything about the origin of the world. 

Sterling Silver

Pendant: Approximately 1.5" Tall x .75" Wide, Chain: 18", Weight: 0.5oz

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