Aquamarine and Larimar Pendulum

Aquamarine is known to symbolize youth and happiness. It helps to calm your mind, nerves, and anxieties; creating mental clarity and soothing the overactive mind. It connects you to your higher levels of consciousness as well as your higher self, making it a great stone to work with during meditation.

Aquamarine encourages spiritual growth and gives you greater awareness of the world around you. This stone invites us to value deep, clear thinking in our lives and put our thoughts into action for the greater good of the earth. It pushes you to step into your power,  learn more, and stay curious.

Associated with the Throat Chakra, Aquamarine helps to improve communication. This stone boosts your confidence to say what you mean, mean what you say, and not say it mean.

Larimar is a rare Caribbean-blue Pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic. 

Larimar evokes Goddess energy and is a powerful symbol of the Divine Feminine. It teaches you to love, honor, and nurture yourself. This stone helps remind you to put your needs first so you can better serve others. 

Larimar's energy is one of deep compassion and love and can help you inspire true self-confidence and deep emotional healing. Its calm and soothing energy can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and phobias, as well as feelings related to shame and/or guilt. This empowering energy can be turned inward to increase your self-love and your ability to handle change.

Larimar can be used to attract soulmates, both romantic and platonic, and can help you move past emotional trauma and love again. This stone can help you consciously explore your emotions and find words to describe how you are feeling and what you need in order to be happy and at peace. It encourages creativity, constructive thinking, and positive problem-solving.

8" long, Aquamarine and Herkimer stone 1.50", Weight: 0.4oz


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