Usui/Holy Fire Reiki, Master Practitioner Training - TBD

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki, Master Practitioneror ART (Advanced Reiki Training)

The next step in Usui/Holy Fire training is the Master Practitioner training. You will be attuned to the Usui Master Symbol, a deeply mystic energetic symbol.  You will learn to work with crystals and stones for healing.  The Aura Clearing protocol is taught in this class which is a marvelous healing technique used as a stand-alone treatment or coupled with a standard Reiki session. The profound healing and expansion that comes with this class is so joyful, so empowering!

Note: You don’t have to want to be a teacher to take this class, nor the Master Teacher.  The both provide you more tools to use for yourself and others.

Prerequisite:   Reiki, Level 2 for 6 months

Duration: 1 Day

All payments must be received a day before class!

All classes include ongoing student support and access to Practitioner gatherings.